Coworker Challenge X

Coworker Challenge X (and that doesn’t stand for X-treme, or any of that other stupid X Games style bullshit). At Pablo’s suggestion, we replaced max-rep pushups with a “choose your own adventure” bench press (on a machine, not a free barbell), where each person selected a weight and went for max reps & volume. This is going to take some wrangling on folks’ part going forward, if we keep it (I’ve got mixed feelings, tending towards the negative, but in the absence of a proper bench and barbell setup, options are limited).

4/06/10 Weight Pullups Situps Bench Press Bench Volume Squat Thrust
Rafe 174 28 92 120×61 7,320 1:41:35 (PR)
Pablo 204 9 69 150×59 8,850 2:07:22 (PR)
EP 171 20 62 (PR) 120×55 6,600 2:22.19 (PR)
Mr. Ed 194 6 59 150×42 6,300
Coach 129 50 (PR) 50×70 3,500 1:49.50 (PR)

One place everyone did worlds better was in the 50 squat thrusts; EP was able to work through the whole set, and everyone else improved dramatically in terms of performance. This is less a strength move and more a conditioning exercise – and getting everyone involved out running is obviously paying dividends.


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  1. I was proud of everyone’s performance yesterday. Everyone was giving it their all.
    In the spirit of competition, I was a slight sore loser that Coach still took me out on the squat thrust. Good to see Mr. Ed back in the game. One day, I’ll be able to do over 10 pull ups. Unless I keep packing on the weight. I’ve noticed that’s a metric that keeps increasing along with my performance. Good/bad, who knows.

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