[WotD] Wednesday, April 7

15/9/3+ (and another plus)

I had originally merely planned to deadlift today, on the “9” portion of 15/9/3+, but due to a combination of smack talk and peer pressure from colleagues, I prefaced it with a 2 1/4 mile run… in my work clothes.

I did warn everyone that it wasn’t my fault if I made them look good bad. Which, naturally, meant I’d better do so.

Warmup I:

2.25 mile run (in offroad shoes, polo shirt (for the first mile, at which point thermal considerations made me take it off. Afterward, Pablo said, “I see you broke out the Red Bull wings“), and khakis). This is the ongoing course that we’re getting the ever-growing cadre of joggers at work acclimated to, before we ramp things up to our unofficial 5k+ route.

17:00 (PR, course “record”) I should note that I normally keep pace with whomever I’m running with until the last turn, at which point, the kick is just under a quarter of a mile (google maps says it’s just about a thousand feet) ; today, I hung with folks for the first mile and change before letting my own pace kick in. It was a quicker than average start for my companions, too, by about a minute for the first mile, and many folks came in well under their previous PRs (Ms. A by a minute, for instance).

Once home, it was, indeed, deadlift time.

Warmup II:

Kettlebell swings: 1×20

Deadlifts: 1×10 @ 135 (sumo) / 1×5 @ 185 (sumo) / 1×5 @ 225

Work Sets:

Deadlifts: 3×3 @ 275 / 3×3 @ 295 / 3×3+2 @ 315 / 1×12 @ 245 (PR)

Interestingly enough, this one-rep max calculator gives essentially the same value (354) for both 5×315 and 12×245.

In further good news, we had the health screening for the company health insurance program, and my cholesterol remains in the happy vicinity of 140, with HDL in the low 40’s, and blood sugar in the “that doesn’t suck” range.

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  1. Hooray!

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