In other news, I still hate overhead presses

15/9/3+  Overhead Press Day

It was weigh-in day for my company’s weight-loss challenge, and while my team didn’t place in the money, all three of us lost a few pounds (I was down about nine, the other guys, being slightly bigger, lost a bit more). Maybe all of my bitching about the rampant inaccuracy of hand-held body fat resistance testers is starting to be heard – they clocked me at 18.9, 17.9 and 17.0 % this week (or something similar). Obviously, even if they’re skewing a couple percent high, I still have a little ways to go to get where I want to be.

For entertainment value, I weighed in both before and after doing an interval run of the 2.25 course at lunchtime; I sweated off about three pounds, but somehow went up in terms of reported body fat percentage. Yeahhhhh….

On the upside, going out quickly and doing light-post intervals for the first mile and a half put me on a very fast pace, such that, even walking a fair bit of the backstretch to loosen up a calf cramp, I still finished in 16:50, for a PR/CR.

Once home, it was time to lift.


Overhead Press: 1×10 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 65

Work Sets:

Overhead Press: 3×3 @ 95 / 3×3 @ 115 / 3×3 @ 120 / 1×12 @ 80


Pullups: 4×10

Speaking of workout supplements, threw in a boatload of freebie packets with my order of fish oil this time around. I haven’t bothered digging through all of them to see what’s what, but there seems to be a decent assortment of various powders to be mixed with water for pre-, peri-, or post-workout consumption. Guess I’ll be doing some research on those.

Today also saw the delivery of a weight belt from EliteFTS; they got some mis-ordered two-prong belts, which they were going to sell at a loss, so for the price, I thought it would be a decent investment. Going to take some breaking in (it’s very circular from shipping, and, thankfully, I’m much more of an oval in cross-section), and practice to unbuckle, because, damn, was it a struggle to get the second prong out.


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