Coworker-type guy has finally succumbed to the accumulated ridicule (and weight), and is getting his ass back to the gym. As a baseline, he pulled out the scaled-down versions of the “300” workout to self-evaluate.
The “100” flavor:
5 pullups
18 deadlifts (135)
18 pushups
18 box jumps (18″ bench)
18 floor wipes (135 / 2×36# kettlebell)
18 clean & press (2×36# kb)
5 pullups
Not having a barbell, the deadlifts were done with a pair of 65# dumbbells; the floor wipes would have been done with those as well, but they weren’t leaving the ground, so we substituted the KBs for those, too.
After he finished, I tried my hand at it before going to softball practice, and managed to knock it out in 4:25. Surprisingly, the hard part for me was getting enough air during the floor wipes, since by that point, I was breathing hard, and having the weight over my chest and my abs that engaged made taking deep breaths challenging.

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