Valeria, from Soul Caliber IV... not quite the same thing


Her. Not the one up there.


Scaled to my weight (170-175#), the “Good” weights are like so:

Bench Press: 135 (1×11, 1×10)

Pullups: 175 (with weight belt) (1×10, 1×6, 1×5)

Deadlift: 245 (2×5, 3×3, 1×2)

EZ Curl: 65 (1×11, 1×10)

Time: 7:13

The handful of people who offered time estimates were… a tad on the high side (25:30 and 30:00)… Oh, ye of little faith.

This was challenging in surprising way – with the weight belt on, it was difficult to take a deep breath, especially during the deadlifts. I think this lacks enough lower-body work to be a truly accurate test/assessment (which, admittedly, is in line with my general assessment of most of the lifting population; there are a lot of dudes with serious upper body development toddling around on chicken legs).


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  1. I was planning on starting to do the V-Burn challenge on Wednesdays with Loch, as a measure of “where we are” . . but, the Level 1 Valeria looks friggin awesome.

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