15/9/3+ Mysterious Overhead

Okay, not all that mysterious – hello to the influx of folks wondering who the loquacious but suspiciously buff dude intruding over at wow.com is.

Yeah, hi. This is the shit you won’t see me inflicting on anyone except the masochists who want to keep up. Feel free to peruse the archives.

Today was overhead press day; since I’m not actually going to make it to BlizzCon, I’ve got my sights set on doing ridiculous fitness tricks at Dragon*Con (where I’m working on the MMORPG track), including lifting various friends up and holding them over my head. That’s what this move is all about.


Static Hold: 225# for 30 seconds

Straight-leg Deadlifts: 1×10 @ 135

Overhead Press: 1×10 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 65 / 1×5 @ 95

Pullups: 3×10

Work Sets:

Overhead Press: 3×3 @ 115 / 3×3 @ 125 / 3×3+3 @ 130 (PR) / 1×13@ 95 (PR)

I’ll take two PRs when I’m in a rush to get back inside to watch hockey (even if, for no reason I can discern, Versus is showing the Caps/Habs game instead of Sabres/Bruins. Bah).


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