DOMS Dictates De-Load

It’s finally gotten to the point in my 15/9/3+ cycle where the soreness in my legs and butt has reached the point where it’s time to take it easy and recover.  The upper body is pain-free, which means it hasn’t been abused to the point of rebellion… as with any good dictatorship (or farmer), those particular portions of the infrastructure obviously have more capacity to exploit.

The legs, however, get to lie fallow. Most periodization workout schemes call for a deload and/or recovery week about once every month or so. The fact that I was able to go a bit longer than that is mostly indicative of the fact that I’d had to back off a fair bit before running up against my fatigue limit.

Not too surprising, really – I’ve been ramping up the weight (and/or reps) every workout for eight and a half weeks.

Progress?  You bet.

Deadlift:+50#, +10 reps

3/12: 1×5 @ 315

4/21: 3×5 @ 315, 1×3 @ 365, 1×20 @ 225

Squat: +30#, +4 reps

3/14: 3×3+2 @ 235

4/24: 3×5 @ 265 / 1×20 @ 185

Bench Press: +30#

3/16: 2×5 @ 175 + 1×4 @ 175

4/20: 1×3 & 1×1 @ 205 / 1×15 @ 155

Overhead Press: +25#

3/14: 3×5 @ 105

4/23: 3×3+3 @ 130 / 1×13@ 95

With the “+” being incorporated and more or less standardized for the next while, the long finishing set can be used for benchmarking purposes as well for the next time I need to ease up on the throttle. My guess is that’ll be in mid to late June.  The plan is to take this week easy on Squat and Deadlift (moderate reps (5×5) at 50-60% of last week’s max, with extra attention to form), and then resume 15/9/3+ at about 75% afterwards.

Bench and OHP will continue to be pushed until I either plateau or stiffen up, at which point, they’ll get the same treatment.



  1. Kick-fucking-ass. (expletive included so as not to be confused with the movie)

    You need to slow your progress down, or you’ll get ahead of me. Damn you!

  2. […] an increase of roughly 15-25% of 1RM each cycle until diminishing returns start to kick in. My first time through, I went for eight weeks on the lower body lifts (and closer to 11 or 12 weeks for the upper body […]

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