A case of the runs, and doing things the hard way

No, not like THAT.

Bigger than usual horde of folks went out after work yesterday, which was good to see. Weather was great – 77, partly cloudy (just enough to blunt direct sun), light but steady breeze. Made for a fast track for both the group going two miles, and those doing three and change.

Speaking of a fast track:

2 miles:

Wolfman: 15:45 (course record)

Pablo: 16:10 (PR)

Me: 16:35 (PR)

CTG: 23:??

~3 miles:

Me: 25:05

Pablo: 26:10 (PR – his first time going the distance)

Ms. A, BB, & Tommy: 27:45 (PR for all; Tommy’s first time on the long course)

I did things a little abnormally for my run; at the 1/3 mile mark, I began doing 60m intervals of 90% sprint work with 60m recovery at a slow jog. I didn’t count, but think I did about five of these, which really kicked my ass for the remaining 2+ miles.

The last two days have been a lot of upper-body focus, primarily “perfect” pushups and pullups, with some ab wheel rollouts and DB presses included for good measure. I was advised, after recounting my progression from shallow to steep incline on this lattermost bit, that this was going about it the hard way.

Unintentional, of course, but hardly surprising around these parts.


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  1. Official time for the 2.01 was 23:20. I hit two miles right at 23 mins though.

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