“Perfect” Pushups

Perfect Pushup Handles

Helping Hand(le)s

It’s entertaining, to me, to see the enthusiasm of the FNG when it comes to attacking the pair of Perfect Pushup handles that inhabit the empty cubicle in our terrarium. I’m not sure if the combination of his guilt-tripping, combined with my encouragement/abuse, is what’s finally gotten the other dude here into banging out a couple sets a day, but, hey, whatever works. I like them because the internal rotation engages more of the upper pectorals, as well as the neutral hand position taking a lot of strain off my shoulders and wrists.

We haven’t been keeping up with this particular plan, but it’s been getting more frequent where somebody, or all three of us somebodies, will bang out a set, and then exhort the others to join in the fun. Right now the various folks are doing ~15 (CC), ~25 (FNG), and ~35 (me). We did just do the plan, based on yesterday’s 48 items, and it’s noticeably harder to do the longer set on them than it is conventionally.

Considering that I’ve been slacking on those for a while, other than my bench and OHP work, it’s probably no bad thing to be adding the volume. As I mentioned in another friend’s journal, I need to incorporate more ab/core work, so hanging leg raises, in addition to the ab wheel (which I can current get to about 12″ above the ground with my midsection now), is probably called for to cover that.


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