Parking spots

“It’s not me versus you, it’s me versus me.  You’re just in my way.”

There are far too many people just going through the motions, expecting something to come from nothing….  Their sense of entitlement will eventually be their undoing.  Good.  Better them than me.  The more of them who disappear, the less competition there is for food, resources and parking spots.

Rob Fusco

That opening line is exactly the spirit of the Co-Worker Challenge. It’s why, if I’m not one rep better, one second faster, this time than last, regardless of what today’s number was, it’s a disappointment.

I don’t know Rob, but I agree with him.

[thanks to Gym Jones for sharing the link via twitter]

Reloading 15/9/3+

I left my gym clothes at home today, so no matter what I end up lifting tonight, it will be at the house.  I think I’m going to do a full reset on all four lifts, since I hurt my back at what was probably close to my squat max day, and deadlifting likewise… and know I hit my 1RM on bench and OHP at my most recent sessions for each.

Thus, the instigation to formally write out 15/9/3+ was well-timed, since I can put the periodic reset  it into practice.

My thought/hope is that the progress wave has a six or eight week crest, that’s an increase of roughly 15-25% of 1RM each cycle until diminishing returns start to kick in. My first time through, I went for eight weeks on the lower body lifts (and closer to 11 or 12 weeks for the upper body ones), and gained about 25% across the board, with a little more on the bench and OHP, since they took longer to top out (nearly 50% / 50# increase for OHP, and 50# from March (and 20# since late April) in the bench).

Self-hacking with a boatload of statistics to track progress: it’s what’s for dinner.

Frood Status: Hoopy

Towel Day 2010

Yours Truly, in his Clark Kent / Arthur Dent day job disguise

[WotD] The Goddamn Batwoman

Readers with a keen eye will have noticed a new commenter show up ovah heah. She’s been bringing the noise, and recently kicked no small measure of ass at her very first Crossfit meeting.

Then, because of who we are, we started talking shit:

Rafe: Now, of course, I want to try this at my office on Monday, since I have a 200m course more or less laid out….

*paints a bullseye on Batty’s Ass(tm)*

Batty: BRING IT ON BABY. It is hell and really fucking fun at the same time.

Today is Monday (delayed a week due to the unexpected intrusion of OW, MY ASS), soooo… I was contractually obligated to bring it.

I couldn’t find the exact routine on Crossfit, but it’s pretty close to “Susan.”

Done for time:

200 meter run
10 pushups
15 tuck jumps
20 bodyweight squats

x 5

I managed to finish in 10:05, and it was hideously fucking hot. I will vigorously debate her assertion that it was “fun.” However, I will thank her for providing a very inspirational (and challenging) target time to try and beat.

[WotD] Intermission

There is something wonderfully focusing about having 15 minutes between periods in the playoffs to get something done. During the 1999 Stanley Cup finals, my buddy Ivan and I would grill burgers or dogs to eat during the following period, or play ten minutes of street hockey. Today, it was spontaneous curiosity about rack pulls.

The way the rack is set up, if I don’t use anything to stand on, I get about 10cm worth of lift at the top of my pull. Unsurprisingly, I get slightly less under a heavier load, due to both the floor mat, and my body, being somewhat more compressed.

Rack Pull: 1×10 @ 135 / 1×10 @ 225 / 1×5 @ 315 / 1×3 @ 365 / 1×2 @ 435 / 1×2 @ 475 (PR) / 1×6 @ 315

I had every expectation of needing to use some kind of grip assistance, beyond simply chalk.

[WotD] Pregaming

There’s an unofficial work picnic today, hosted by Pablo and EP, so I wanted to get things done early.

Unstructured workout is unstructured:

Shrug / Romanian Straight-Legged Deadlift Complex: 1×20 @ 135 / 1×10 @ 185 / 2×5 @ 225 / 1×10 @ 185

Power Clean / Overhead Press / Overhead Squat Complex: 1×10 @ 45 / 1×5 @ 65

Power Clean / Overhead Press / Front Squat Complex: 1×10 @ 65 / 1×10 @ 95

Kettlebell Snatch: 2×5 @ 54 (each arm)

Presented without comment

This guy is STILL a better artist than I am.

This guy is STILL a better artist than I am.

There’s a reason I’m not in a sales or marketing position, and likely never will be – I’m entirely too much like the off-screen speaker, very much of the “better mousetrap” mentality.

Sure, it’s nice to have a relationship with readers (which is why blogs have comment features), but if there’s no reason to show up beyond my charming and witty repartee, why bother showing up here, instead of just shooting the shit via IM or Facebook or whatever?

Okay, so I lied

Had a pretty good softball game despite modest plate production (2 for 3, single & double); made a couple of plays in the outfield.

Running around in 90+ heat seems to have loosened some of the muscle strain, along with some medicine ball rolling at lunchtime over most of that leg.

So, riding that high, I decided to lift a bit when I got home, since I was already dripping sweat and felt great.

15/9/3+ Bench Press


Bench Press: 1×20 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 95 / 1×5 @ 135

Work Sets:

Bench Press: 1×5 @ 175 / 1×3 @ 205 / 1×1 @ 225 (PR) / 1×0 @ 225 / 3×5 @ 185

Strict EZ Bar Curl: 1×5 @ 95 / 1×1 @ 115 / 1×0 @ 115

Rack Pulls: 2×5 @ 295

Not lifting sucks

Haven’t picked anything heavy1 up all week. Went running a couple of times. Still doing pushups and pullups. Stretching the annoyed leg (which has spread the annoyance to the hamstring and calf on that side, which is fucking awesome, I assure you).

Weighted pullups have been the extent of the excitement. Woo.

Maybe I’ll bench press tomorrow after I go to the dentist.

1 Defined as “more than I weigh with the Oly bar”

Bring Out The Gimp

You always injure yourself on the last rep, unless you’re a complete idiot and keep going. To quote Vizzini, “I am not a great fool.” Notably, I’m not a complete idiot, either.

Neither of which make whatever it was that I pulled/strained yesterday (prime suspect: left medial glute) any less uncomfortable. Alternating heat with ice, a little stretching (when and how possible) and massage will, hopefully, assuage things.

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