Coworker Challenge XI

Big pile of folks this time (including three first-timers).  Featuring the return of the 80 meter dash as the closing event, and pushing the squat-thrusts up to second in the rotation, to try and space out the cardio-centric stuff a bit.

One other note, is that strict(er) pullup form is being enforced, and, in future iterations, something resembling good form is going to be strongly encouraged in the squat thrusts / burpees / whatever evil conditioning test is involved. In the main, this could charitably have been described as “lacking, bordering on fugly” for most participants this time around (the most notable exception being Mr. Ed, whose former days in the military drilled proper execution into him, even if Joe Camel has been unkind to his oxygen delivery system in the intervening years).

5/04/10 Weight Pullups Situps Pushups 80m Dash
Squat Thrust
Rafe 175 24 91 85 11.71 1:31.45
Pablo 202 7 66 52 14.10 1:40.37
EP 172 19 57 60 13.64 2:03.13
Mr. Ed 190 7 57 50 3:26.56
Coach 127 58 (PR) 65 (W) 15.35 1:29.25
Ms. M
33 40 (W) 18.13 3:07.01
BB 56 25 17.44 3:57.42
Spang 3 57 42 13.85 2:06.92
CG 7 42 8 14.36 2:12.80

There was a side bet going on between Pablo and Coach, and, rather than recount the details, I’ll simply quote in full Pablo’s rather entertaining summary:

For those that missed out, last night would be a fight of epic proportions. One that would go down in the books as one of the greatest. A record number joined to see one of the greatest upsets. The tail of the tape would reveal both triumph and upset in one night.

Round 1, Hepler came out swinging…swinging back & forth on the pull up bar that is. Hepler would come within reach of a TKO in the first round, but fell short. As a true champion, she would come back again with another attempt at taking out her opponent early but would fall short once again.

Round 4, Mesa comes out as an underdog wanting to prove himself. He had adrenalin pumping & was destined to be a champion. He delivered a combination of blows. He had form, stick & move, bob & weave. Then it happened… he stuck a jab & followed with an upper cut…Hepler was seeing stars circling around her head, she went down for the count. 1,2,3,4,5 & 6. She got up knees wobbling, head shaking. The round would end at 1 minute & 40 seconds. Mesa would deliver a round of a lifetime, 27 seconds better than his last & at that moment in time, Mesa had the lowest score ever recorded by anyone.

Round 8, Hepler comes out looking like the past champion Rocky Balboa. She had that same “Eye of the Tiger” in her eyes. She would come out blasting combos like an automatic rifle. Rat, tat, tat, tat, tat. Mesa would bring up his gloves and cover his ribs and face in an effort to fend off the champion. Then it happened, about a minute into the round, Mesa gets cut. Blood comes out gushing from the top of his left eye. Instinctively like a lion knowing its prey has been hurt, Hepler moves in for the kill. She lands a right, a left and another right. Mesa hits the canvas like a sack of potatoes. He goes down for the 10 count. He never recovered.

The crowd was electrifying. They had seen the champion retain her title & a 3-0 victory over Mesa. His record setting performance would be short lived. When the smoke cleared, Hepler would set the all time record, dialing in at 1 minute and 29 seconds. Even defeating the next contender that wears a kilt by 2 seconds.  There are already talks about a rematch, other say Mesa should retire. The pros say Mesa is washed up & will be doing exhibition bouts with the like of Mike Tyson. No matter, Hepler proves once again that she’s top dog in the leg thrust & a true Champion.

Congratulations Hepler, you beat me fair & square & delivered a solid performance.

… at which point, Pablo, Coach, EP and I went to softball practice.


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