Very Dumb Things

Else-web, friends were discussing the relative influence, consciously or subconsciously, of our decisions and actions on future decisions and actions. As a counterexample, I mentioned my general contempt for and distaste of all things Joss Whedon, but said that, when it comes to people suggesting variously stupid physical tests (whether directly or indirectly), I’m willing to test them out at the earliest opportunity.

To that end, this week, T-Nat has an item on NSW (which, since I can’t get to the article at the moment, I will backronym as “Navy’s Stupid Workout” – it might be “Navy SEAL Workout”) – basically, carry or drag something heavy for a mile. I mentioned this in the context of the other conversation, because one of the other participants mentioned a need for “some new stupid” (their phrase) to do this weekend.

Thus, I grabbed both 1 pood (36#) kettlebells, racked them to my shoulders, and headed out the back door of my office, down the side driveway, around the block, and back up the main driveway. Roughly ballparked using google maps, it’s about 1.3 miles (their walking time says 24 minutes – I guess they assume folks walk about 3.5-4 mph, which is a decent pace).

I did it in 29:00 even, and, boy, does it suck. Racked, the medial and anterior delts and biceps get unhappy. Carried like luggage (a/k/a “Farmer’s walk“), the grip and traps are miserable.


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