[WotD] Intermission

There is something wonderfully focusing about having 15 minutes between periods in the playoffs to get something done. During the 1999 Stanley Cup finals, my buddy Ivan and I would grill burgers or dogs to eat during the following period, or play ten minutes of street hockey. Today, it was spontaneous curiosity about rack pulls.

The way the rack is set up, if I don’t use anything to stand on, I get about 10cm worth of lift at the top of my pull. Unsurprisingly, I get slightly less under a heavier load, due to both the floor mat, and my body, being somewhat more compressed.

Rack Pull: 1×10 @ 135 / 1×10 @ 225 / 1×5 @ 315 / 1×3 @ 365 / 1×2 @ 435 / 1×2 @ 475 (PR) / 1×6 @ 315

I had every expectation of needing to use some kind of grip assistance, beyond simply chalk.


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  1. […] } It was a little bit mind-boggling to think that it’s only been two weeks since I was last able to lift; given all the crap that’s transpired in the interim, some kind of half-assed time dilation […]

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