[WotD] The Goddamn Batwoman

Readers with a keen eye will have noticed a new commenter show up ovah heah. She’s been bringing the noise, and recently kicked no small measure of ass at her very first Crossfit meeting.

Then, because of who we are, we started talking shit:

Rafe: Now, of course, I want to try this at my office on Monday, since I have a 200m course more or less laid out….

*paints a bullseye on Batty’s Ass(tm)*

Batty: BRING IT ON BABY. It is hell and really fucking fun at the same time.

Today is Monday (delayed a week due to the unexpected intrusion of OW, MY ASS), soooo… I was contractually obligated to bring it.

I couldn’t find the exact routine on Crossfit, but it’s pretty close to “Susan.”

Done for time:

200 meter run
10 pushups
15 tuck jumps
20 bodyweight squats

x 5

I managed to finish in 10:05, and it was hideously fucking hot. I will vigorously debate her assertion that it was “fun.” However, I will thank her for providing a very inspirational (and challenging) target time to try and beat.



  1. well played, sir. well played. you do realize that i’m gonna have to beat your time now, right? and i typoed ‘beat’ as ‘bat’, which is entirely too appropriate.

    • That’s exactly the point… and even if you don’t beat *me*, you can at least beat *you*, which is the whole point of getting in better shape.

      I totally want to get a huge goddamned tire to flip, drag, and beat with a sledgehammer. I have no idea where one finds used/scrap tires like that, though.

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