Reloading 15/9/3+

I left my gym clothes at home today, so no matter what I end up lifting tonight, it will be at the house.  I think I’m going to do a full reset on all four lifts, since I hurt my back at what was probably close to my squat max day, and deadlifting likewise… and know I hit my 1RM on bench and OHP at my most recent sessions for each.

Thus, the instigation to formally write out 15/9/3+ was well-timed, since I can put the periodic reset  it into practice.

My thought/hope is that the progress wave has a six or eight week crest, that’s an increase of roughly 15-25% of 1RM each cycle until diminishing returns start to kick in. My first time through, I went for eight weeks on the lower body lifts (and closer to 11 or 12 weeks for the upper body ones), and gained about 25% across the board, with a little more on the bench and OHP, since they took longer to top out (nearly 50% / 50# increase for OHP, and 50# from March (and 20# since late April) in the bench).

Self-hacking with a boatload of statistics to track progress: it’s what’s for dinner.

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