Coworker Challenge XII

Turnout continues to be robust, especially with the side action between Pablo and Ms. A – she even had a non-participating cheerleader this time around.

Was it enough?

6/02/10 Weight Pullups Situps Pushups Squat Thrust
Rafe 172 26 90 60 1:42.89
Pablo 202 9 64 55 2:04.29
Mr. Ed
193 7 65 55 3:35.00
EP 170.5 18 55 57 2:35.61
9 42 25 2:06.29
Ms. A
125 1* 59 36 1:40.27
Wend 47 45** 2:57.22
BB 67 33 3:56.12

A strong showing by all comers, with a lot of improved performances in many events.

* Controversy struck, however, in the form of Ms. A’s pullup. While her chin did clear the bar, there was a substantial jumping assist to get out of the hole. Deliberations and appeals are still being heard as to whether or not Pablo has to wear a pretty pretty princess t-shirt and buy her lunch, or if there has been a stay of execution until she does a real one (or he wins the bet by beating her in the squat thrust event; this observer thinks her victory food has merely been delayed).

* From knees


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