Going to 110%

Tomorrow, I’ll be returning to light-to-moderate exercise – I’m leaning towards KB swings, cleans, and presses, and maybe some bench press work, along with some bodyweight stuff. I’ve made the decision that I’m not going to impart any vertical load greater than 110% of my bodyweight (ie: 185#) across my shoulders for the month of June – squats and deadlifts will be done light, when they’re done at all.

On the upside, my front tuck levers are coming along, and I’m able to hold for 20-30 seconds with my hips slightly more obtuse than 90 degrees from my abdomen. In a similar vein, front tuck pullups make for a very good substitute for bent-over barbell rows, with none of the low-back strain, but the load is a fair bit higher.

I may also be hitting Home Depot to put together something like this. There is damn little clearance on the chinup bar on the door into my office.