[WotD] Sunday, June 6

It was a little bit mind-boggling to think that it’s only been two weeks since I was last able to lift; given all the crap that’s transpired in the interim, some kind of half-assed time dilation has obviously taken place.

Honestly, I’d prefer to have the ability to approach c instead of recover from injury, but even I have limitations.

As promised, I’m going to be taking it relatively easy, both to get myself back into the routine safely, as well as because it was time to reset my weight loading anyway.

With that in mind…

Front Lever: 2×25 sec

2-Handed Kettlebell Swings: Breathing ladder, 1-10

Kettlebell Cleans: 3×10 (each arm)

Bench Press: 2×15 @ 45 / 1×12 @ 65 / 1×10 @ 115 / 3×5 @ 135 / 3×5+1 @ 155

EZ Bar Curl: 1×5 & 1×10 @ 65

Mow the Lawn*: 15 minutes

* Not, in fact, a euphemism for any sort of training manouver, despite Mr. Miyagi’s appearance earlier in the week. I cooled down by mowing the front lawn (which got delayed due to weather and sciatica). I also mowed the wild patch behind the garage and laid down some 4′ x 8′ sheets of 2″ styrofoam insulation in lieu of more traditional forms of weed control. This is currently the leading candidate for where I’ll install the posts for the horizontal bar / ring setup, but I haven’t decided exactly where I want to put that, yet.


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