[WotD] Wednesday, June 16

My colleagues all survived the afternoon unscathed, but there was discussion of which one I’d eat first. Much like the three bears, one was too skinny (no meat on his bones), one would take too long to cook (he’s theoretically losing weight), leaving me, and I’d already remarked on my consideration of gnawing on my own arm. A protein shake and mug of green tea took the edge off long enough to get home and have a pre-workout Cytonox.

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Walking (unlike an Egyptian)

Yeah, I thought the Bangles were cute. Then again, I was thirteen, and was only just barely beginning to think that girls might be fun to look at. The song, however, remains catchy.

Walking for more than a mile and a quarter with the pair of 36# kettlebells in 90+ F heat, however, continues to be deeply unpleasant.

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