Walking (unlike an Egyptian)

Yeah, I thought the Bangles were cute. Then again, I was thirteen, and was only just barely beginning to think that girls might be fun to look at. The song, however, remains catchy.

Walking for more than a mile and a quarter with the pair of 36# kettlebells in 90+ F heat, however, continues to be deeply unpleasant.

Did it in 25:35 today, which continues to show improvement. I brought out the VersaGripps in an effort to keep my hands from being the limiting factor, but, in retrospect, they probably slowed me down. Once my hands got sweaty, it was almost more trouble trying to re-wrap the gripps around the handles securely. Also, it more or less precluded any kind of shift to racked carrying, which meant that it was traps/posterior delts/triceps that got the whole bale of suck.

Deadlifts and OHP is the order of the day this evening. Assuming I don’t kill and eat one of my coworkers, because, since about ten o’clock this morning, I have had the most ridiculous craving for red meat and raw fish. Obviously, the body has realized that it’s getting whey protein, and plenty of it, and craves variety. Or maybe that’s my signal that my creatine loading phase is done, and things are ready to crank up, metabolically speaking.

In either case, nobody smell like prime rib nearby right now. It’s simply not safe.


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