In the swing of things

The more dynamic warmups and workouts I used to do, using my kettlebells, are making a resurgence, since I want my flexibility and mobility not to suffer as I recover (not to mention, support crap better). So, the warmup du jour for the next little while is going to continue to be the hundred snatches with the 1 pood (36#) kettlebell, alternating sets of ten per arm (10 L, 10 R, repeat 5x).

Today, I wanted to push it a little more than I did last time, and managed quite a bit of improvement: 3:45

I don’t know how well that prepares me for the RKC certification levels of performance – either 56 nonstop, or 100 in five minutes, with the 1.5 pood (54#) one, but, hey, I’ve got that in the garage at home and can do a self evaluation over the weekend.

Also fitting with the titular theme, I finally managed to hit my first home run of the season last night. I’ve been hitting the ball well, but too low, or inconveniently close to an opposing player. It’s no great shakes to go over a six foot fence 245′ away, but now that I’m starting to groove the bat a little bit, I’m hoping that I can start doing a little better at the plate. What I’d really like to do is put one over the light towers – 50′ high and 250′ away is a much more satisfying trajectory.


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