Monkey see, monkey do

Or, more accurately, “Monkey see, monkey hire.”

Code Monkey has retained my services to kick his ass and whip him into better shape. He’s made a lot of progress on his own as far as losing a bunch of weight and getting his legs under him in the weight room.

Today, he got his first taste.

Code Monkey, Day 1: Dead Man Benching


5 minutes on treadmill

2×20 pushups

2×10 high jumps (just jump as high as you can)

1×10 bench press @ 45 (empty bar)

1×5 bench press @ 95#

1×5 bench press @ 115#

3×5 deadlift @ 135#

During both the warmup and work sets, as soon as you finish one set of bench presses, do the corresponding set of deadlifts, then rest for 1-3 minutes (as needed).

For the final set of 5 at the top weight, do as many reps as possible with good form. Bench in the power rack for safety, etc, etc.

For the final set (1xX), do as many reps as possible with good form.


Bench Press: 3×5 @ 135 / 3×5 @ 145 / 3×5 / 3×5+ @ 155 / 1xX @ 135

Deadlift: 3×5 @ 185 / 3×5 @ 205 / 3×5+ @ 225 / 1xX @ Your Choice

Pullups: 25 reps, in however many sets it takes, with 30 second breaks between sets

Readers with a keen eye will notice that this workout looks kind of familiar… as in, it’s exactly the sort of thing I’ve been doing as I recover.

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