15/9/3+ Deadlifts

In lieu of a finishing set of deadlifts, and in the spirit of annualized abuse, there were squats.

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OHP Video

We’ll see how well this works.

Yes, it really is a hundred degrees in my garage.

Unfortunately, the audio (Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Carol of the Bells”) was scrubbed for copyright reasons.

[WotD] Friday, July 30

15/9/3+ Overhead Press


OHP: 2×10 @ 45 / 1×8 @ 95

Work Sets:

OHP: 3×5 @ 110 / 2×5 @ 120 / 3×5+1 @ 130 (PR*)

* This equals the 130×6 from 4/23/10, but the lead-up on that day was 3×3 (+3) , not 3×5 (+1).

Video of tonight’s proceedings later. Requires much hacking and such to assemble.

Take a hike

Not the off-road, trailblazing sort, unless you consider a couple of trips across the lawn at the office.

Took The Long Walk for lunchtime’s workout.


I’ll take it, especially since the weather page says: “91F (feels like 106)

Ow, my ass

This is not a direct reflection on the DOMS incurred from Tuesday’s squat session, but is instead a reaction to getting several CCs of antibiotics injected to begin the fight against some unwanted microbial interlopers.

Don’t have to take any time off, other than missing the last two evenings.

Overhead press will happen tomorrow, deadlifts Saturday, and bench as usual on Sunday.

Not sure if I’ll do anything special with the deads for my birthday, but we’ll see.

Today’s lunchtime workout was stolen straight from T-Nat.

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Two for Tuesday

Assorted fun, in the wake of, well, taking a complete miss yesterday and going to bed at an earlier than reasonable hour. The productive part of yesterday was having a chance to practice my personal training chops on a coworker at lunchtime, which both went well, and was well-received. I didn’t even get any “I hate you, my arms hate you, my legs hate you, even my hair hates you” emails from them today. *grin*

I tried some new stuff (holding myself in a full handstand with my heels against the wall for an extended period of time (60 sec)), and also attempted something that had vexed me in the wake of my recovery (handstand pushups, beginning with my head on the floor). Both were gratifyingly successful three times over, though neither was what I’d call easy.  This evening was squat night.

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[WotD] Sunday, July 25

15/9/3+ Bench Press


Bench Press: 1×20 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 95 / 1×5 @ 135 / 1×5 @ 175

Work Sets:

Bench Press: 3×5 @ 195 / 3×5 @ 205 / 3×3+1 @ 210 (PR) / 1×13 @ 165 (PR)


Barbell Bent-Over Row: 5×10 @ 135 (alternating underhand/overhand grip)

Front Tuck Lever: 2×30 sec

Assorted shoulder mobility stretches