Cardio is still boring

I’m pretty much going to file this under “necessary evils” and just suck it up.

Lunchtime cardio today was 35 minutes on the treadmill, random incline.

1 min @ 4.0mph / 15 @ 6.5 / 1.5 @ 3.5 / 5 @ 7.0 / 1.5 @ 3.5 / 2 @ 7.5 / 1.5 @ 3.5 / 1.5 @ 11 / .5 @ 4

Cooldown was 5 min at 2.8

Can’t say I’m a fan, but going out and doing something more energetic than The Long Walk, or at least something with a bit of pace to it as a change-up, seems like it needs to be done, since I haven’t done shit for sprint work lately.

Tonight is the Coworker Challenge. Looks like we’ll have a pretty good turn-out, though I’m merely going to proctor the pull-ups, since I can’t fucking do more than two. Afterwards, I’m hoping that, once I get home, I can have a decent session squatting (supplementing that with rows or shrugs, since OHP is going to be either Thursday or Friday (probably Friday – 8:30 softball game Thursday).


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