Coworker Challenge XIII

Another well-attended go-round this month, with a bit of old school returning – back to the two minute squat event, instead of the 50 squat-thrust race. There was general mutiny at the suggestion of doing 50 burpees with a pushup at the bottom.

7/07/10 Weight Pullups Situps Pushups Squats Sprint
Rafe 169 15* 91 75 113 12.37*
Pablo 205 8 70 65 85
Mr. Ed
191 8 67 60 60
P.C. 171 19 59 (PR) 60 54 (PR)
C.T.G. 197 3 42 15 47 13.80
235 4 55 20 57
Ms. A
128 1 60 (PR) 40 (PR) 110 (PR) 14.93 (PR)
Wend 1/2 53 (PR) 40** 54 19.00
BB 2/3 62 35 (PR) 64 18.59

Nice to see a bunch of PRs on the board, and some pretty close challenges to previous benchmarks by most folks.

Well, except CTG, who knows he’s a slack-ass bastard. Maybe I should make a bet with him based on the winner of the World Cup. The boy is backing España, for some reason. Or just have him pay me to kick his ass… hey, it’s working for Code Monkey.

* Fun with injury theater; the sprint hurt more than the pullups

** From knees


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  1. Slack-ass is being kind. Up 20+ lbs from a year ago means I can never stop doing something for an extended period of time. Not that I’m complaining, the soreness is welcomed and now that I’m not around second hand smoke all the time, I feel it all coming back to me now. Oh and España will win. =p

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