I’d call it a comeback if Ice T wouldn’t kick my ass.

There's a pair of these among the mis-matched 45s in my garage.… or is it Ice Cube?

I know it’s definitely not Vanilla Ice.

Wow, how much do I suck – Google points out that it was LL Cool J.

Yea, verily, my suburban, white-bread upbringing has left me woefully insufficiently knowledgeable about early 90’s rappers. I know all three gentlemen act, in the sense that they’ve sometimes been in moderately successful television shows and uniformly, laughably bad goddamned movies. I can tell them apart, I just couldn’t remember which one of them said that line.

Anyhow, as has become apparent, despite the pulled muscle from softball (my best guess is upper oblique/lower serratus anterior based on a glance at stuff like this), now that my back is more or less un-fucked (I am a whore for traction in addition to adjustment), picking up and getting under real weight feels pretty damn good.

It’s also been reassuringly heartening to find that, while a fair amount of ground had been lost between the de-load and the injury-enforced downtime, I’m coming back fairly quickly to where I’d expect to be. Basically, I’m starting the second wave of my program as if I’d only taken a one week break, instead of six, so despite feeling a little bit weak and struggly the first time through, this second week has felt much better, and some of the results are pleasantly surprising in terms of progressive gains vs. the previous week.

Things are going to continue to be controlled and disciplined in terms of increasing loads – five pounds a week for overhead press, ten for bench, and ten to twenty for squats and deads (top set will be determined by the feel of the warmup and precursors, since these are the ones most directly affected by the back strain). I want to be able to keep working in the 3×5 set/rep range as long as possible before having to ratchet back to 3×3, though I may experiment and go to 5×3 – Saan and my coworker (“Hitman”) have both suggested, separately, that I may have more fast-twitch muscle fibers than I initially believed, and they respond better to more sets of low reps.

Frankly, I’m just happy to be picking up shit that weighs more than I do without discomfort again.


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