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Bell and kettlebell

Bell and my kettlebell. Yes, the cat is really that small.

They are the youngest of three sets of feral kittens that have popped out this month, and their mother has sequestered them in the garage (since the other two litters are under the front of the house).

Despite being the more bold of the two, the white one with spots (pictured above) will be Bell, because the other one is a dark tiger tortoiseshell, which is a lot closer to black.

1st Generatoion (2007):
– Bullseye (tortoiseshell female)
– Eyebrows (blue-eyed, white male)

2nd Generation (2008):
– B-2 (tortoiseshell female, Bullseye’s daughter)
– Skeet (white & spotted male, Bullseye’s son)

3rd Generation (2009):
– Rufus (black female, Bullseye’s granddaughter)
– Mini-Skeet (white & spotted male, Bullseye’s 2nd litter)
– B-3 (tortoiseshell female, Bullseye’s 2nd litter)

4th Generation (2010):
– Before (B-4), During, and After (Bullseye’s 3rd litter – light, medium, and dark tortoiseshell, respectively)
– Belfry (black) & Shingle (tortoiseshell)  (Rufus’ 1st litter, Bullseye’s great-grandchildren)
– Kettle and Bell (B-2’s 1st litter, Bullseye’s grandchildren)

The father of record for, at least, Bullseye and probably some of the subsequent offspring, is a brindle tomcat from a couple blocks away. There is also a stocky black male with white feet of unknown origin that shows up occasionally and generally gets growled at by all comers. Eyebrows is, apparently, bisexual, since he was trying to breed Skeet/Mini-skeet last year (my guess is he figured out what he should be doing and knocked up B-2, though it’s possible they’re one of the Skeets’ progeny).

Hereditary traits seem to be boldness in the brindles (Bullseye can be picked up and more or less demands head rubs), skittishness in the blacks (Rufus’ mother was “Skitz,” and they both look and act very wary, and aren’t shy about giving a big, pink-mouthed hiss at any gesture in their direction), and mellowness in the whites with brindle spots (both Skeets, though Bell is a fairly aggressive and hissy little thing, considering it could be stuffed in a coffee cup with room to spare).



  1. Awww, small and fierce together are always extra cute.

  2. Roofus isn’t Bulllseye’s kid, hon. Remember the bitchy black cat that we called “Mama”? HER mom was Skitz – we actually managed to get Skitz fixed, but not her brother Tux – I still have the scar from trying to stuff him in the kennel. Anyway, Rufus is Mama’s kitten. So she’s Skitz’s grandkid. Not related to Bullseye at all unless they all descend from Mr. BigHead and the white one that was here when we moved in. Mama actually came back for a bit earlier this year, but I haven’t seen her since.

    AND for those of you who know me well, you know that I am absolutely a proponent of spaying and neutering and this whole feral propagation hasn’t been by choice – more limited by time and then by weather (can’t lock a female up to recover for 24hrs. in a shed that will be an oven before 2PM). SO. New job starts that 26th. Provided the meows go in the traps, they will all be fixed by xmas of this year. Kittens are cute, but the lizards and birds around here need a fighting chance.


    • OH, and definitely limited by $$. curses. that will change!

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