Taking Laps

Not pictured: author, kettlebell, good sense

Lunch was a run, outdoors, because even in the face of Florida in July, I couldn’t stomach the thought of another treadmill session.

2.25 miles in 16:30, and, yes, it was quite sweaty and unpleasant, thank you. Followed that up with some front levers (tucked and one-legged).

After work, since I had some late-day frustration to work off, and a willing victim sucker companion in Big Dog, we took The Long Walk, but with just one kettlebell each. The asymmetry of the carry was good on the obliques, and the ability to rest one hand or the other’s grip meant no stopping (due to forearm fatigue, or anything else).

Of course, I forgot to start my fucking watch, so I have no idea how long it took. I’d ballpark around 21 minutes. This could become a regular after-work thing, since it’s easy, and companionable, yet still something with a bit of challenge to it. I could see choosing a heavier dumbbell or something to up the ante, or some similar thing.


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