[WotD] Friday, July 16

15/9/3 Deadlift Day

Lunch was spent stretching and inflicting pain on my upper legs with medicine-ball rolling, as well as doing a few sets of pullups (5×12) and ab wheel roll-outs from my knees (2×15).

After hours (and after helping lay down half the sod that my neighbors graciously gifted my household with) , I had a ton of energy and frustration to pour into my deadlifts, with the plan being to top out at 3×5 @ 245.

Things did not adhere to that plan.


Deadlift: 1×10 @ 135 / 1×10 @ 185

Work Sets:

Deadlift: 3×5 @ 205 / 3×5 @ 225 / 2×5 @ 245 / 3×5+5 @ 275 (PR)

Oh hell yes. It felt fantastic to blast out that last set.


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