Maneater, revisited

In the course of reviewing the archives in the interest of gauging my progress, I rediscovered some of the eccentric and challenging things that people threw at the wall, or I stumbled across, and subsequently tried.

Today, being more or less a hole in my schedule (no softball tonight, official lifting yesterday and tomorrow), it seemed like a good day to take another shot at one of them. In this case, “Maneater,” from last May 8th.

The workout itself doesn’t call for anything too hideous by itself, except that 21 pullups may seem daunting to some folks.

21 / 15 / 9 reps of the following combinations of moves (ie: 21 of A, then 21 of B, 15 A, 15 B, 9 A, 9 B). Done for time.

Group A: Pushup + Pull-Up + Hanging leg lift
Group B: Man-Maker (Pushup + One-armed dumbbell row with each arm) + Clean & Press (35#)

Time: A deeply unpleasant 16:22

That was, frankly, a huge and surprising improvement over last year’s time of 23:05.


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