[WotD] Tuesday, August 3

15/9/3 – Squats

Tried something a little bit different this evening, in the form of box squats. Naturally, I don’t have a real, formal squatting box, this being my first go at these, so I improvised – my old subwoofer enclosure, with one layer of the same high-density foam padding that I laid on the floor on top of it (there were six edge pieces that I didn’t use; these hooked together into three pairs, which were almost exactly the width of the top of the box, and 18″ or so wide – plenty to aim my butt at).

Lunchtime was spent similarly to yesterday – medicine ball slams for a minute, with a 30 second break, some overhead squats with the 10# bar, KB overhead presses, L-sits, back extensions, and assorted other hip and shoulder mobility work. Also did some front tuck levers, and tried descending to a full front lever from being upside-down, and while I wasn’t able to hold it for more than a second, I could feel all kinds of muscles in my mid-back firing that aren’t nearly as engaged in the tuck variant. Definitely bears further work.

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Case of the Mondays

Only got in a lunchtime workout yesterday, due to acute “meh” with a side of DUDE IT’S SHARK WEEK!

In other words, my body had had enough of my overtraining bullshit over the weekend and parked my ass. In a rare fit of good judgement, I grabbed a fistful of Triscuits, a pound of green grapes, and watched Mike Rowe freeze his balls off to tag a Greenland Shark.


Medicine Ball Slams: 3×25 (approx 1 min); 30 sec break between

Plank Holds: 1×30 sec each side, 1×30 sec inverted (ie: facing the ceiling)

Front Tuck Lever: 2×45 sec

FTL pullups: 2×10

Assorted stretching