15/9/3+ Overhead Press

In any case, Tuesday was the day I got to see my thoracic/lumbar/pelvic x-rays with the chiropractor. Call it geeky, or nerdy, or dorky, or maybe just morbidly curious, but I was really looking forward to it.

The bad news isn’t all that bad – slight constriction/compression of a couple of disks, and three vertebrae (L2 & 3, T10) are slightly rotated out of proper alignment, and just a hint of asymmetry, bowing towards one side.

The good news was pretty good – other than the above twist and squish, the fore and aft curvature is textbook perfect, my bone density is good (thank you, weightlifting, for both of these) and my hips, despite making interesting popping noises when I move just so, are in perfect alignment.
Having donated blood (double red cells, via the ALYX machine*) yesterday, I got a couple of other positive medical statistics thrown at me as well: BP was 113/63, and my resting pulse, at 1230 in the afternoon, was 51. They haven’t run my cholesterol level yet.

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