Coworker Challenge XIV

Some new faces this month to join in the fun and games*.

* Note: Neither fun nor games were actually involved.

Squats were brought back to the race format, 0-50 as fast as possible while getting at least to parallel.

8/09/10 Weight Pullups Situps Pushups Squats
Rafe 176 (?!) 30 93 (PR) 75 :44
Pablo 209 10 (PR) 61 55 :54
Mr. Ed
187 11 (PR?) 68 (PR) 60 1:07
P.C. 170 19 43 63 (PR) 1:25
Little J 197 3 (PR) 57 45 :56
240 5 (PR) 40 22 :56
Ms. A
130 60 (PR) 46 (PR) :52
Wend 47 36* 1:35
No L 31 42* 1:15

Always good to see a lot of PRs up on the board, whether it’s a tie or an outright besting of the previous mark.

I was about to wonder what kind of crack the scale at the office is smoking, but I got on the one at home (which seems to be all right in terms of gravity, but laughably inaccurate in terms of body fat estimation – it’s had me steady at 20-22% for the last four years), dressed in the same clothes, and it gave me the same number.

* Done from knees

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