In and among the various diagnostic bits of conversation I shared with the folks at the orthopedist’s office, some nice things were said about my phisical health and general wellness, which was nice to hear, and reassuring. However, what struck me most at the time was when, in the course of the examination, the doctor said, “You have a lot of callouses.”

“I lift weights.”

It was, at the time, nothing but the simple truth (or the simple iron truth – the fellow who does that site is a kindred spirit; worth the read). Upon further reflection, it seems to suggest a bit more than that.

The intake paperwork includes a field for “occupation,” the better to suggest how important one’s manual dexterity is,I suppose. I asked that mine be written down as “computer technician,” “writer,” and “personal trainer,” in that order. Not for any particular reason, but it seemed important enough to make sure that they understood the importance of strength training and its position in my life.

The abbreviated list of supplements (fish oil, DT, creatine) was met with approval, though I had to point out that Tribulus Terrestris would probably not do much for the fiftyish woman handling my paperwork.


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