[WotD] Dead Man Benching

This is one of the routines I’d inflict on Code Monkey every so often, so I thought I’d double up to get myself back in gear, despite the nagging cough of profound annoyance. I’ll be flipping this around next time, to be deadlifts with interstitial bench pressing.

15/9/3: Bench Press with Interstitial Deadlifts


Bench Press: 1×15 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 95 / 1×5 @ 135

Deadlift: 1×10 @ 135 / 1×8 @ 185 / 1×5 @ 225

Work Sets:

Bench Press: 3×5 @ 155 / 3×5 @ 175 / 3×5+2 @ 185

Deadlift: 3×5 @ 275 / 2×5 @ 295 / 2×5 @ 335

Pleased with how well it went, considering that I ran fasted at lunch to get rid of Sunday’s squat-induced DOMS, and did PC’s shoulder circuit (chest supported rows 4×12, machine overhead press 4×10, machine reverse fly 4×10) yesterday.

In other news, 10-15g of branched-chain amino acids completely ruin the taste and texture of a three-egg mixed scramble (salsa, ham, jalapenos, cheddar).



  1. Funny — I was going to mock your girly numbers in bench, then I saw the deadlift, and decided to keep my comment to myself.

    Kindof :-)

    • I’m gearing up for a friendly benching competition with some work buddies on 10/25. I’m hoping to put up at least 1.5x BW (since BW% is going to be how we judge performance). That works out to about 250 at 165.

      I feel confident in being able to add 25# to today’s calculated 1RM in five weeks; based on the 2×230 just before my injury, I only need to get about ten pounds stronger than I was six weeks ago.

      As for the deads… no comment needed. Still hoping to pull five bills by the end of the year.

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