I have a problem.

Specifically, I have a problem with the way figure athletes are photographed entirely too frequently. These are women who bust their ass in the gym, on the track, or wherever, and turn their bodies into works of functional art.

I understand that doing conventional modeling shoots – swimsuits or club clothes and what have you – are a look that, regardless of the model being photographed, is fairly consistent.

However, fitness models and figure athletes also end up doing shoots and sets that are set in workout facilities, allowing them to showcase that aspect.

… and almost without fail, whoever is coordinating these events comprehensively fucks the dog.

Just look at this picture for a minute. This woman (Lindsay Kaye) is gorgeous. Fit. Dressed in athletic apparel and accompanied by a pair of dumbbells. The composition looks like she’s just finished working out and is taking a moment to recover.

Lindsay Kaye - and what the fuck-factor magenta heels.

So what the fucking fucked fuck is with those shoes?

They’re so jarringly, glaringly inappropriate that I want to console Ms. Kaye, or perhaps offer her an ankle-taping if she were forced to try and work out with those things on.



  1. Maybe that’s what she’s sad about.

    • That occurred to me, too. As if she’s looking at those shoes and wondering, “What the hell was I thinking?”

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