Going to Eleven

That's one louder, innit?

That's one louder, innit?

So, my overall theme for the year, “I can do better,” has finally started to bear more fruit. Some of it was expected, some of it is coming as a pleasant surprise, but pretty much all of it is welcomed.

The Coworker Challenge was this past Tuesday, and there were many PRs set, by myself and the other folks in attendance. Of particular note was my breaking a barrier I’ve been shooting for since the inception of the CWC: 100 situps in two minutes (I managed 102). My next big milestones are 35 pullups (pr: 33), a ten-meter (32’6″) medicine ball toss (31’7″), a sub-5 second 40 yard dash (5.23), and getting back under 6:00 (6:28) for a mile. (I don’t have any illusions of approaching my lifetime PR of 4:52 with my current build, nor my antipathy towards running in the Florida summer climate.)

On the more linear and easily-scheduled side of things, Josh Bryant’s program (now in week 6 of 12, and my second week back after de-loading in week 4) has me hitting weights at or near my pre-program single-rep maxes for two reps. Today, that meant a double that was within 2% of my previous PR, and equaled what I reported to him as my probable one rep max. My PR whiteboard is about to get a whole lot of new material.

We’ve also uncovered some glaring weaknesses and muscular deficiencies (to the point where I asked him “Was I supposed to do that lift with one dumbbell, or two, because I couldn’t fucking budge that move with one hand”)… which means they can get addressed and fixinated. It also means that certain muscles are going to be very vocal about the attention they’re getting; to them I say, “Shut the fuck up and do my bidding; if you weren’t such fucking slackers, you wouldn’t be getting the extra attention.”

I even went off the reservation last week to do a third rep at what had previously been my two-rep PR for back squats, because I felt unstoppable.

THAT, friends and neighbors, is a fantastic feeling, and I hope you all experience it as often as you’re able.


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