Still Angry

When they ask you how I died, tell them, “Still angry.”

– Quellcrist Falconer (from the Takeshi Kovacs series, by Richard K. Morgan)

Yeah, it’s been quiet on the weightlifting and exercise front around here. I’m still doing it, and making progress (and videos) after taking, essentially, September off, and that stuff will return to the fore as time and bandwidth allows.

However, that said, there’s been no shortage of things that require the attention of my gentle ministrations, and foremost among those is the wide swath of the population that is, in not remotely humble opinion, incorrectly critical of the “Occupy” movement, in all its iterations.

Let me be very clear: Unless your net worth is north of $100,000,000.00 (that’s a hundred million dollars, for those of you who can’t count), you’re part of the ninety-nine fucking percent who are getting fucked over by the way the United States government and the outsize financial institutions to which it is beholden.

Put another way: If you’re reading anything I have to say, you’re not part of the 1%; you never have been, and you probably never will be. Stop fucking yourself and the rest of us over with your irrational, selfish, delusional bullshit. If you want to criticize the 99%/Occupy movement, and can bring some kind of useful clue to bear, by all means, do so. If you’re simply railing against people you see as jealous or disorganized, you’re simply being a thoughtless mouthpiece for the plutocracy that wants very much to keep the status very much quo.

Matt Taibbi sums both the problem, and why people like me are so fucking pissed off about it, it up very well.


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