By the numbers

Yes, it’s the first of the month/year/thing, and I actually woke the fuck up and busted out the tape measure. Timeliness and shit, not to mention taking full advantage of all the resolutionist momentum that everyone else in the world is going to be bandwagoning the living fuck out of.

So, hey, here’s the state of the meat at the dawn of 2012, going into a de-load week before testing my maxes and moving into the next phase of things.

And, if you’re good, there will be Yet Another Phone Shot (YAPS) to go with each of these updates moving forward. Nothing spectacular, just me, standing around in my office wearing a pair of shorts. No lighting tricks, no flexing, nada. Those conditions are not the case in the photo at left; that’s racking 165 after doing some head-supported rows with the flattering (but very fucking hot) halogen in my garage overhead.

Things I did in 2011: Gained almost twenty pounds, and while most of it was of the “strong and useful” sort, not all of it was. This is me at the “get my ass handed to me[1] by bigger and stronger guys if I went to a lifting meet” weight of 182.5 lb / 82.75 kg… for you freaks in the UK, that’s 13 stone. That’s up nearly thirty pounds from July of 2009, my lightest recent weight. Kind of sucks for pullups and running, and I’m not nearly as narrow through the middle now as I was then; that’s on my to-do list to reattain.

Based on some Golden Ratio stuff that John Romaniello was waxing rhapsodic about, I have some generalized figures in mind, and I was, honestly, pleasantly surprised to see how close I am to achieving some of them already (due, mostly, to the fact that I have skinny goddamned wrists).

Current known-good lifts (which will be updated in two weeks with, you know, actual numbers and shit, so that my lifting coach, Josh, will know what we’ve got to work with):

Deadlift: 465 (1×2)

Back Squat: 295 (3×3)

Bench Press: 250

Incline Bench: 175 (3×3)

[1] Weight class cutoffs that I am apt to encounter are at 165 and 181 pounds; at 182.5, I’d be the smallest guy in the 198 pound class, though there are some “total lifted divided by athlete’s weight” computations that get done for comparison purposes.


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