February Fotos

Sue me, I just got done with a two-hour upper body workout, followed by some heavy logistics planning for hypothetical renovations; clever titular wordsmithing is not in the goddamned cards at the moment.

Anyways, here’s the state of the meat seven weeks into the year.

Objects in camera phone may be fuzzier than they appear

So sue me for the crappy picture quality, my hand was shaking even with my elbow braced on my medicine cabinet. Did you not see the bit about the two-hour upper body workout?

Surprisingly, my waist is slightly trimmer (by half an inch) and everything else is roughly that much larger. I’d have laid even money that my waist hadn’t shrunk a bit, but, hey. Scale’s down three pounds, and I need to be more diligent about my off-day cardio (the arduousness of my on-day cardio is best summed up as “the most unpleasant things I have ever done with a barbell; worse than getting stapled benching 265 and having to dump it on my nuts” – 15 minutes of walking squats is deeply hideous).

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