Rush Limbaugh is a fat, stupid, lying sack of shit

I figure that headline has better SEO than “Sky blue, water wet.”

It seems the ubiquitous blowhard has finally stuck his dick into my meat-grinder by suggesting that exercise, and the folks who engage in it, are burdensome on the American health care system.

All you exercise freaks, you’re the ones putting stress on the health care system.” – Rush Limbaugh, 2009

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Current Maxes:

Bench:  255 (tied PR) (missed 265; left hamstring cramped on the grind out of the good lift)

OHP:  165 (+15) (missed 175, left arm/delt was point of failure)

165# OHP

Squat: 325 (+10) (missed 355 because I psyched myself out and made too big a jump in weight, bailed onto catch pegs after getting stapled an inch out of the hole when the arch of my left foot cramped; almost certain I could hit 335 or 345; in all honesty, lifting in a true cage with my head out of my ass, maybe 375)

Deadlift:  505  (didn’t come close to that this week due to travel putting my attempt two days after squatting)