Rush Limbaugh is a fat, stupid, lying sack of shit

I figure that headline has better SEO than “Sky blue, water wet.”

It seems the ubiquitous blowhard has finally stuck his dick into my meat-grinder by suggesting that exercise, and the folks who engage in it, are burdensome on the American health care system.

All you exercise freaks, you’re the ones putting stress on the health care system.” – Rush Limbaugh, 2009

He is briskly and efficiently dismantled by numbersguy’s research, using even the most charitable possible interpretation of the statistics available. Smoking puts at least five times that much cost stress on the health care system, for instance.

Curiously, Mr. Limbaugh makes no comments on the health care burden imposed by those folks who abuse prescription painkillers and other recreational pharmaceuticals, a topic about which he has intimate, dare I say, first-hand experience. Nor does he broach the subject of obesity, again an area in which he might offer a personal, experiential anecdote. He even expressly pointed out, in his broadside against “exercise freaks,” that our medical costs were elevated vs a hypothetical sedentary person whose weight is “relatively under control,” as opposed to the increasingly prevalent incidence of obesity, and the health risks and costs that enjoins.

It’s hardly rhetorically challenging to call Mr. Limbaugh a liar and a charlatan; he is nothing more than a bully with a bully pulpit, whose ignorance and bile are freely distributed to anyone not quick or smart enough to change the channel. Nor is it difficult to paint him as a base hypocrite, critical of his betters for things he is much more guilty of.

Basically, taking Rush to task for anything that spills out of his vitriolic pill-hole is about as difficult as deriding some jackoff for curling in a squat rack. The difference being, Limbaugh is telling that guy that not only is he right for doing it, but anyone who wants to get in some heavy squats or rack pulls or safety-cage benching is raising the cost of his gym membership, so he is right to protect his idiocy by being more obstinately idiotic, and get his buddies to join him there.

Because in both cases, fuck that guy.

The nice thing is, though, that anyone who lifts heavy and well, is not only going to be able to beat the fuck out of Mr. Curls, they’ll live longer even if they don’t.

Squats fucking cure cancer, windbag. I am going to live for-fucking-ever, and you are going to be a bloated corpse in a casket carried by wheezing pallbearers who need extra hands while I’m still happily under the bar.

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