Push, pull, and stand

Three moves. That’s it. They cover everything, so you should do them every time you work out.

A move where you push against resistance. A move where you pull against resistance. A move where you stand against resistance.

It’s not rocket science.

I’m crafting a new program for myself to run for the next couple of months (or longer); I’ve been more or less fucking off for the last two months with an experimental sojourn into “adaptive feedback” (which is based on doing what your body responds best to on a given day; while I don’t discount the theory, in practice, it’s simply ill-suited for me and my needs and goals, and it’s entirely too loosely structured and leads to serious slacking off even when you want to bust ass – my most challenging workouts were the ones where I actively lifted against program by saying “fuck it, I’m (deadlifting/benching/squatting) today, I don’t give a shit what my startle reflex or range of motion say about it”) and then did a three-week Smolov Jr bench press program (which, while productive, still felt like three weeks off.  I am a deadlifter, and if I’m not pulling, I don’t feel like I’m lifting.)

So, expect more happening here over the next little while.


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