This is the new shit

Currently crafting a new lifting routine. The two naming candidates are “BSOD” and “666.” Number of surprised people: 0.

As previously noted, fucking off time is over. My plan right now is to go to six days a week, three lifts a day. This is informed by an amalgamation and distillation of my own experience (independently, as well as my tenure under Josh Bryant’s guidance) combined with a recent exposure to and curiosity about the so-called “Bulgarian” school, tempered by a cursory review of Jason Ferruggia’s program[1].

So, here’s how it looks…

Day 1:

Push: Bench Press

Pull: Kroc Row

Stand: Deadlift

Day 2:

Push: Overhead Press

Pull: Pull-up or Chin-up

Stand: Back Squat

Working from my current known or estimated maxes (in parentheses), here’s where I’m starting off for three sets of six reps (6×3), figures arrived at as an 80-85% ballpark of the 1RM for each move, which should mean they’re functionally about a 5 or 6 rep max:

Bench: 225 (255)

Squat: 275 (315)

Deadlift: 415 (475, backed off from my PR of 505 a few months ago)

Overhead Press: 135 (165)

Kroc Row: 110 to failure (handle limited… I may be able to squeeze another 10 or 20 pounds onto what I have, but I don’t have the grip to do high reps with that weight yet)

Pull/Chin: Bodyweight to failure

Taking D1 for a test drive this evening to see how good my ballparking is…. it’s about what I expected.  Benching 225 6×3 was a 9/10; deadlifting maxed out at 4 reps due to having lost performance from not doing it enough for too long.

[1] It should be noted that I’m pretty much already on point with what he suggests, which was nice to see, though I was hoping for a bit more insight. I don’t think I’d drop $40 for his e-book as an intermediate lifter; for a novice, I still endorse Starting Strength more forcefully for both programming and instructive purposes. He’s got good ideas for warmups and post-workout stretching, though.


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