So, after some entertaining yoga with a local friend, and helping her test her OHP, Bench, and Deadlift out, as well as show her some kettlebell basics, I wanted to do some strength work of my own. I had hoped to have my new plan in hand today, but it’s the holiday weekend and I only got my 1RM info to my coach the day before yesterday; I should have it soon and will begin attacking it presently.

So, I grabbed my bar and wrist wraps and did some heavy EDT benching – managed 16 singles in the 1o minutes allotted, which I’m not dissatisfied, though I probably should have been using 225 instead of 205, but didn’t want to get too crazy, since tomorrow is a full activity day despite not being at the office – helping friends move stuff among storage units, my anticipated lifting session, and a yoga class at the studio for which the aforementioned friend does social media pimping.

Thus, after benching, I figured I’d get some whole-body work, throwing my bus tire around.

That wasn’t happening in any kind of satisfactory way, because that fucker, while too light to be a meaningful challenge for flipping, is way too fucking heavy to throw. Fortunately, living in a transitional neighborhood, I know where discarded tires are to be found… there was an economy-car tire in a parking lot two houses down, which was going to be too small, and some SUV tires in the driveway of the unoccupied house across the street, which turned out to be perfect.

So, sixteen throws of that sucker (eight each way) provided about what I was looking for.


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