Until the Cut

So, that was informative, if not entirely awesome. No burying the lede here: I go in for surgery on Monday, 9/9. My pre-op consult is Friday, 9/6.

Pictures of this week’s non-shit lifts and other stuff under the cut.

The orthopedist outlined three repairs: the bicep tendon relcation off the torn bit of my labrum (affixing it to the top of the humerus), a touchup on the rotator cuff where it’s been pinched by the acromium and bone spurs on my clavicle, and shaving down said bones to not do that shit again.

I may see if I can trap-bar deadlift ALL THE WEIGHT[1] before i have to go on the shelf after D*C.

Safety squatting 345 5×5:


Deadlifting 485×2:


Deadlifting 325+band from atop a 2″ paver 3×4:


[1] based on the plates and bar configuration, this should max out around something in the neighborhood of 660-680 pounds; I haven’t gone heavy on that move lately, but was able to pull 620 a couple of months ago.

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