The Basics

I’m a geek who’s into fitness, or a fit guy who geeks out a lot (both about computers and fitness stuff).

There’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s the gist of what you’ll get here. If that is insufficiently descriptive, you must have a lot of time on your hands.

I was your stereotypical 98 pound weakling throughout my teenage and college years; being a long-distance runner is never going to get one mistaken for another sort of athlete. I played a lot of pick-up hockey and football and even some tennis and badminton, which continued after college (where, to pad my later semesters, I took an assortment of phys ed courses – tennis, badminton, weightlifting, running – you name it. I was able to bench my body weight and run a 4:52 mile the week I graduated).

Moving away from the folks I’d do sports with, however, meant I spent way too much of my free time on my ass, usually with a beer in hand. Years later, after moving to and subsequently away from New Orleans (and all the wonderful cooking and food-centric socializing that entails), didn’t help, and I got my wake-up call in 2004 when I gave blood and discovered my cholesterol was in the 240’s. I joined a gym for a while, but it wasn’t convenient, and I wasn’t seeing a lot of progress from my initial consultation (“You’re in decent shape, but your cholesterol and triglycerides are high, and your body fat is about 23%”).

Long story short, I ended up doing a lot of self-directed stuff for a couple of years, including getting my hands on some Kettlebells, and learning what I could glean from several online sources, most notably Gym Jones. I didn’t get into my semi-gung-ho regimen until catching up with a friend and former powerlifter at Dragon*Con in the late summer of 2008, who was kind/evil enough to share an assortment of the supplements and know-how from the folks at Testosterone Nation.

So, along with what I’ve picked up during my perusal of the NASM study guide (with an eye towards getting certification as a legitimate Personal Trainer), I’ve bastardized and blended all of approaches into my own particular blend of self-abuse, and inflict it on anyone foolish enough to make eye contact. I’ve also, reluctantly, made some changes to the crap I ingest, most notably more or less getting on the wagon when it comes to booze.

I won’t kid anybody – I like a beer or a vodka tonic probably more than the next guy.

But, as the folks at Weight Watchers are fond of saying, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” I’m gonna debate the merits of that, but only after I find my goddamned abs.

The results, thus far (mid-February, 2009) seem to say that I’m going in the right direction:
– Cholesterol: 141 (down from 242)
– Weight: 158 (down from 185)

More to come, along with, if you’re good, a really boring spreadsheet of my tracking measurements and progress photos.

Yours Truly, after the 15k run 2/28/09

Disclaimer: In case it isn’t blindingly obvious, this is all my own shit — opinions, advice, colorful verbiage, and all — and has nothing whatsoever to do with my day job or the company I work for.  The fact that many of my office colleagues come to me for fitness advice is merely a reflection of their good judgment.


  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. I too have been moving toward the path of virtue, and have lost the modest mantits and cut the gut in half. 10m treadmill at a solid 8.5m mile pace, followed by core and upper-body work, 5x/wk. My numbers are puny and always will be – the long levers thing.

    Hope to see you soon…I lack your “cult-of-testosterone” drive to do that last gasping push (too lazy), but am shambling my way to fitness. IME, most people start then quit because they start too aggressively, sprain or strain things, then never go back.

    And (like you) the booze is my caloric downfall.

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