Going to Eleven

That's one louder, innit?

That's one louder, innit?

So, my overall theme for the year, “I can do better,” has finally started to bear more fruit. Some of it was expected, some of it is coming as a pleasant surprise, but pretty much all of it is welcomed.
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CWC 2011

Here’s the list of events (weather permitting):

• Pullups
• Pushups
• Situps
• Medicine Ball Toss
• Standing Long Jump
• 50 Yard Dash
• 1 Mile Run

Note: We will not be doing thumb-extension presses as part of the new regime.

As you can see, we’re taking things up a notch for 2011, so we should all be freshly challenged in new and exicing (and, yes, probably unpleasant) ways. :-)

Coworker Challenge XV

Bench Press

Let me just say that trying to do this on the back-end of Con*Crud and four weeks after breaking my damn hand was not the most fun I’ve ever had. I took a pass on the pushups because bending my hand backwards puts pressure on what we suspect is a sprained pinkie/wrist combo platter; I did a plank hold for about 90 seconds instead.

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[WotD] Wednesday, August 11

At lunch, I did something kind of like a blend of uber-noob parkour, play, and dog emulation. I went out on the one-mile loop, and after a two minute warmup run, spotted someone walking their dog without a leash, so I tried to do what the dog did before they went home – bolting, stopping, trotting, and doing a sprinting weave around some decorative palm trees. Once they went home, I continued with these antics – jumping over every fire hydrant, vaulting onto assorted utility boxes, and leaping to grab tree limbs to do pullups.

Then I came back indoors to sweat a lot. Like you do when it’s 90-something degrees out, muggy, and windless.

After hours, it was time to explore 2RM territory in my one remaining lift, the bench press. Having seen Code Monkey put up a very impressive number on Tuesday, I was resolved to best my own 1RM or get squished trying.

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Coworker Challenge XIV

Some new faces this month to join in the fun and games*.

* Note: Neither fun nor games were actually involved.

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Two By Two

Nothing whatsoever to do with Noah’s Ark. Continuing the exploration of the edges of my personal envelope in the form of 2 rep maxes. Today was Overhead Press and Squats.

Overall results were somewhat mixed, but held some surprises.

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Double Down Deads

Double or nothing?

Strangely enough, I still haven't eaten one of these.

In the spirit of fair play (and morbid curiosity), since I’d made Code Monkey explore the edges of his personal envelope in the form of two-rep maxes in the Big Four, I headed towards one of them myself today.

Once I’d warmed up, it was sets of three, then sets of two until failure seemed imminent.

The results were… not what I expected.

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Maneater, revisited

In the course of reviewing the archives in the interest of gauging my progress, I rediscovered some of the eccentric and challenging things that people threw at the wall, or I stumbled across, and subsequently tried.

Today, being more or less a hole in my schedule (no softball tonight, official lifting yesterday and tomorrow), it seemed like a good day to take another shot at one of them. In this case, “Maneater,” from last May 8th.

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I’m going to quote one of my other blogs for a moment here.

Lagniappe: A small gift given to a customer by a merchant. Basically, “a little something extra.”

Cheap Philosophy: The extra mile is always paved with broken glass, and it’s full of potholes.

In that context, I was bitching, but it occurred to me today that, in a very real sense, the “+” in my workout regimen is also a bit of lagniappe, and, at the time it’s taking place, it sucks a fair bit. However, there is a very immediate reward, especially when that little something extra turns into a PR. If that’s not an incentive that someone can get behind, I’m not sure what other carrots can be dangled in front of them. I think it’s pretty fucking cool to be better today than I was yesterday, and be better tomorrow than I am today.

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Coworker Challenge XIII

Another well-attended go-round this month, with a bit of old school returning – back to the two minute squat event, instead of the 50 squat-thrust race. There was general mutiny at the suggestion of doing 50 burpees with a pushup at the bottom.

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