I am one of the pilot participants in Fitocracy’s online coaching program, so if you want to get my brains-on advice to whip your ass into shape in the tender, loving, and inexorably enabling way you’d expect from Yours Truly[1], they’re offering my services at a bargain introductory rate, with the beatings to commence on February 17th.

If you or someone you know is terrified in a good way of giving this a try, feel free. I won’t be crueler or kinder to friends, frienemies, or total strangers.

[1] Which is to say, if you say you want to accomplish something, I will not let you give up. I am a right fucking bastard like that.

[WotD] Monday, June 28 – Squats

15/9/3+ : Squat Day (finally!)

Lunch was the usual mixed session of elliptical (22min), pullups (2×12), and stretching (OHS, front levers, and some leg curls/extensions on the machines).


Squats: 2×10 @ 45 / 1×10 @ 95 / 1×8 @ 115

Front Squat: 1×10 @ 45 (between the regulars @ 45)

Work Sets:

Squat: 3×5 @ 135 / 3×5 @ 165 / 3×5+5 @ 185

Man, it felt good to be doing this again.

Ten pounds a week should get me back to my pre-injury 265 by late August, if I can progress smoothly and steadily.

In other news, my review of Supplement-IT is up over at SG. I found it to be fairly excellent, though my partners in crime didn’t have as good results.

15/9/3+ Mysterious Overhead

Okay, not all that mysterious – hello to the influx of folks wondering who the loquacious but suspiciously buff dude intruding over at is.

Yeah, hi. This is the shit you won’t see me inflicting on anyone except the masochists who want to keep up. Feel free to peruse the archives.

Today was overhead press day; since I’m not actually going to make it to BlizzCon, I’ve got my sights set on doing ridiculous fitness tricks at Dragon*Con (where I’m working on the MMORPG track), including lifting various friends up and holding them over my head. That’s what this move is all about.

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[WotD] Thursday, February 4

It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, it’s that I haven’t been doing anything interesting.  Two miles of intervals in my Vibram Five Fingers? Pullups? Cable Rows?

Yeah, that’s what I figured.

Of more interest, maybe, is the fact that I’m beginning a fitness boot camp (as a student, not instructor) next Monday. Unfortunately, this means I have to get my ass out of bed at 5am to be there from six to seven, and then go to work. If nothing else, I’m hoping to pick up some workout tricks, lose weight, and improve my cardio before the Gasparilla Distance Classic on the 27th. My folks were down this past weekend, and Dad semi-jokingly asked if I was going to break 20 minutes for the 5k. I love his well-intentioned but misplaced optimism. I’m shooting for 22:00 as my goal, but as long as I’m under 24:45 (assuming the weather isn’t abysmal), I won’t be too disappointed.

In terms of things that are actually pertinent, over at ShrinkGeek, I did an interview with Laurell K. Hamilton about her workout routine and assorted fitness stuff. That was actually rather cool, and I’m hoping that she’ll make it to Dragon*Con this year so we can hang out.

Also? I’m really wondering why “There’s a Cap(sule) for That” is getting so many hits from folks googling for “pills.” I mean, I don’t mind the traffic, and my SEO generally kind of sucks (not that I’m making any money off this blog to begin with), but I find it funny what brings folks to my door. Anyway…

Taking a page from the “better to do something than nothing” playbook, then…

Deadlifts: 1×10 @ 135 + 15 shrugs,  1×1 + 10 shrugs

Jack Pulls: 1×5 @ 205 / 1×5 @ 225 / 1×3 @ 275 / 1×3 @ 315 (PR for a lift using double-overhand grip) / 1×2 @ 345 / 1×1 @ 375 (PR for the Jack Pull, full DL PR is 405#)

The jacks are set to their highest notch, which puts them about half an inch below my patella. This makes them a bit deeper than most traditional rack pulls, with the added degree of difficulty of having to return the bar to a cradle that’s only about two or two and a half inches wide. Definitely trickier than doing them in a standard rack or cage, which suits me just fine.

I’m just happy to see that I can still make anything over 225 fucking move upwards without it being across my shoulders.


Spider curl...?

I would have expected him to use more weight...

So, in the spirit of “Do Unto Others,” I joined Mike for the upper-body portion of that routine today.

It is, in a nutshell, 45 minutes of suck.

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Seals and Swings

Over at ShrinkGeek, for those of you who don’t frequent it, is something based on an item that one of the non-coworkers who does the CWC pointed out to me – the Navy SEALs’ physical requirements standards. I’m pretty sure I could make it (the swimming, I dunno; I haven’t swum in a long time).

Today was also (finally) the weigh in for my company’s weight-loss challenge (myself, Mike, and a couple of the other IT guys are once again “Team ShrinkGeek”), so I can stop having this nagging self-sabotage in the back of my mind when I want to get a little gung-ho with my workout.

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Byline: I’m doing it right

So, Mike did the other half of the workout I posted yesterday at lunch.

He walked back into the office, and the first words out of his mouth were, “I hate you. I may not be able to get up once I sit down.”

I’ll call that a sign of a good workout.

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Do Unto Others…

So, the other day, Mike said he felt like he’d hit the muscle-building wall with his current routine, and could I come up with something he could do at our office gym, that wouldn’t interfere with his running 3x+ a week, and could be done during lunch.

Unfortunately… yes, yes I could.

In the fine tradition around here of “I will do anything I make anyone else do,” this was my lunchtime workout today. There’s a twist at the end, so keep reading.

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Why So Serious?

Maybe I shouldn’t quote a movie I haven’t seen yet, but, enh. Apparently “shiny” is from Firefly, but I’ve said that, too, and think Joss Whedon is completely overrated.

A regular reader pointed out that there has been a rather marked lack of…. anything, really… around here of late.

I have been slack and remiss as far as posting the miscellaneous lunchtime workouts that have been taking place – the usual assortment of pullups, GHRs, medicine ball rolling, ab wheel stuff, and kettlebell moves. Motivation has been flagging as the holiday schedule kicked everything off-kilter, and the “get fat by 1/8 so you’ll look like you lost more weight by 4/8” thing the office is holding has been further undermining things.

I’m officially on the schedule to do an early morning boot camp program for February (both for my own edification, as well as to provide first-hand insight for ShrinkGeek.  Speaking of SG, the site revamp also took a lot of mindshare the latter half of December (totally worth it, though).

Been inching towards doing some personal training at a distance for a couple of folks, but that’s kind of in the doldrums at the moment as well. I’m also about to (kind of) have my first in-person bit of that, which is proving to be a lot more daunting, stressful, and generally fraught with potential peril than I was expecting.

I’m signed up for the Gasparilla 5k at the end of February, so there’s at least one concrete goal to hit, and I’m probably going to resume 5/3/1 next week, once I get a new baseline of my corresponding 1RM for those lifts.

Not exactly a surprise that it feels like I’m spinning my wheels, looking at it this way, is it?

[WotD] Monday, December 28

Miscellaneous goofing around today. It was a long damn day at the office (tomorrow will be similarly short-staffed, but hopefully less exciting).

In the way of good excitement, however, ShrinkGeek is getting a facelift for the new year, along with a bunch of cool new shit.

Pushups: 9×45

Pullups: 4×12

Medicine Ball foam rolling: 20 min (thighs and shoulders)

Deadlift / Rear Shrug complex: 2×10 @ 135

Glute Bridge: 1×5 @ 135

Deadlift Breath Sets1: 2×10 @ 225

1 Lift the weight, take a breath, then do the next rep, never resting the bar on the ground.