As of the cusp of September/October, 2009, a collection of my somewhat arbitrary goals for the next year (ie: Dragon*Con (Labor Day) 2010, at which I am again volunteering to work):


Body Fat: 7% (currently 14%, need to lose approximately 10#)

This will basically take care of all the aesthetics, other than shit like losing my hair. I expect the strength gains will result in a more pleasing body shape.


Pullups: Do a set of 50.

Bench Press: 1.5x BW, sets of 5+ (currently 175, goal is 250#)

Squat: 2x BW, sets of 5+ (currently 225, goal is 325#)

Deadlift: 3x BW, one rep (currently estimated at 350 based on 4×325, goal is 485#)

Overhead Press: 1x BW, sets of 5+ (currently 105, goal is 165#)

Current BW: 165#; I have no idea how much this is apt to move in either direction, given the above targets

Also? I’d like to see some kind of decent traffic on a regular basis here, and over at SG, but that’s more a matter of beating the crap out of a keyboard, rather than picking up anything particularly heavy.


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